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Social trading networks give you access to important information about the expert traders whom you may wish to follow. You can see how many followers and copiers they have and you can analyse their trades and strategies. However, transparency alone does not ensure success. You must learn which bits of information are important and which bits of information are unimportant or even misleading.

In this section you can find portfolios that have proven to be profitable on a long term basis. They are built on discipline and patience, which are virtues all successful traders must have. Unsuccessful traders are often influenced by unhealthy emotions that resemble those that are typically seen in casino gamblers. Or, they may be unable to understand the information that they’re analysing.Many people are attracted to traders who make huge gains quickly, and with few trades. They are then misled and lulled into a feeling of security and safety due to the fact that thousands of other people are also copying the same high risk trader. However, the number of copiers is not an accurate indication of a good strategy. It may simply be an indicator of how many people are making the same mistake.

In forex, the only gains that count are those that remain 6 to 12 months or longer. In many instances, I have seen even very skilled high-risk traders trade for several months, with a very good win ratio and profit, only to blow the whole account away in one week. So, if you wish to try a portfolio other than the ones described below, or you want to trade for yourself, I highly recommend that you start with a demo account. Make a concerted effort to stay clear of the high-risk, often-unsuccessful traders and remember the virtues of the good ones.


Strategy Name: ”GoldenGuide”
Bonus: Numerius different deposit bonuses available.

This portfolio consists of several low-risk to middle-risk long term traders. The goal is to achieve a modest but consistent profit and to spread the risk between different traders and currency pairs. You can find additional details concerning this strategy on the strategy wall.

When you copy “GoldenGuide,” you can see the estimated amount of the average trade your capital will open. The average trade should be 1 USD or more. If your funds are too low, then some trades may fail to open and you may achieve sub-par results.

How do you copy “GoldenGuide?”
First, create your eToro account here. Then, deposit your funds and search for “GoldenGuide.” Once found, click “copy” and you’re done. However, remember to keep a small amount of capital available for open trades.


Strategy Name: ”for333”
Bonus: No deposit bonus, but AAAFx has very low spreads.

After running a portfolio on ZuluTrade, this trader stood out above the others. He trades a combination of five major currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and AUD. The maximum of open trades is five. The trades were run on a live account with a $1,000 USD as a starting balance, X100 leverage and 0,01 lot size.

It is recommended that you select a stop loss setting that is appropriate for your own situation. If you are uncertain of this, I recommend that you set the stop loss at -100 pips. To lower the risk further, you can reduce the number of trades. If you wish to increase the risk, it’s recommended that you run your preferred settings through a demo account first.

How to copy “for333’s” trading strategy?
First, create your ZuluTrade account here. Then, deposit your funds and search for “for333”. Once you’ve found “for333,” click “copy” and you are good to go. However, remember to follow the trader’s recommendation regarding the minimum capital required to follow the chosen trader. If you follow without sufficient capital, you risk a situation where you may occasionally fail to open trades or you may risk closing trades with negative results.

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