What is Social Trading?

Over the past few years people looking for good investment opportunities have discovered the many advantages in the foreign exchange market. Unlike stocks, which are generally profitable when the markets go up, the forex trader can open trades in either direction and profit under all conditions. The most successful forex traders further profit from their skills by managing the accounts of their clients or by selling them their trading signals. This practise of automated signals, known as copy trading, or mirror trading, has recently evolved into the phenomenon called social trading. More

Portfolios and Results

The social trading networks give you access to important information about the expert traders you wish to follow. You can see how many followers and copiers they have and you can analyse their trades and strategies. However, transparency alone does not ensure you any success. You must learn which part of the information is important and which is misleading. In this section you can find portfolios that have proven to be profitable on a long term basis. They are built on discipline and patience, which are virtues all successful traders must have. More

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